Joe WanderThe first time I contacted Angela I told her we had a math “emergency”.   My son Joseph had a math test the next day and felt confused over the material and discouraged by his recent grades.  Angela came to my house that evening!  Joseph connected with her immediately.

He had always been a straight A math student however his 7th grade math experience was proving to be quite different.  He was not grasping the math concepts the way his classroom teacher presented them and was becoming more and more frustrated.


After a few weekly sessions with Angela things began turning around.  Angela is a patient and caring teacher and goes beyond expectations.  She taught my son tricks and memory games to help him retain the material, she emailed websites with practice sheets and answer keys to reinforce what they had worked on and I texted pictures of homework assignments to her outside of tutoring sessions so she could let him know if he was still on track.  And in a crunch if she is unable to get to your home because of a booked schedule she will fit you in with a FaceTime session.

It was not long before Joseph was again a straight A math student receiving 100’s on his last two tests.  Needless to say his 7th grade classroom teacher was also impressed with the quick turn around.

At this point Angela suggested he give it a go alone; she felt he had attained the skills needed to be able to adapt to his classroom teacher’s teaching style.  I appreciated her willingness to give up his time slot.  This was just another sign among many I have seen with Angela that this is not just a “business” for her but rather she genuinely enjoys seeing her students learn and excel.

Angela Culley
Joe Wander