Camren TwibellWe feel incredibly fortunate that we found Angela to help tutor our 10 year old son, Camren. Camren was diagnosed with dyslexia and math has become more challenging for him as he is getting older. His confidence was so low with him frequently lamenting, “I hate math,” and “I am not good at math.” Afternoon homework sessions had turned into a nightmare, frustrating for both of us.

In a short time, Angela has made a huge difference with him, not just in his understanding but in his confidence. I have had the opportunity to sit in on the sessions and have been so pleased and impressed with Angela’s incredibly patient and affirming demeanor in her interactions with our son. She has employed many creative games so that he is learning math in a fun, unique way without even realizing it. Before his first session he was less than thrilled about the idea of having a “math tutor.” After that first hour together, he was beaming and said to me in the car, “That was so much fun. When can I do that again?” I remarked to my husband, “Where has the math ninja been all of our lives?”

I also have appreciated how Angela has provided resources in the form of websites, books and tips for us to reinforce at home what is being taught. We wholeheartedly recommend Angela for math tutoring, especially if you are looking for someone who is extremely patient, encouraging, creative and skilled. Honestly though, the highest compliment comes from our son who was brimming with confidence after his last session when he said, “I like math now, Mom. I am starting to get it!” Music to my ears!

Angela Culley
Camren Twibell

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