Keep Students Organized with Evernote

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Evernote is a great tool for students that need help keeping class notes, papers, and books organized.

10 Benefits for Students Using Evernote

1.  Staying Organized

Evernote is a digital filing cabinet that will keep all of your notes organized. You can file away pictures, handwritten notes, typed notes, and audio clips. If you have ever seen a student notebook that is overflowing with papers this is the tool for them.

2.  Unlimited Access

You won’t have to worry about a notebook being left at school because students can access their Evernote on all of their synced devices.

3.  Making Up Absences

Students can take a picture of a classmates notes and file them away for their own use.

4.  Searching Notes

This is my favorite feature! Students can type in a search word and it will scower their notes for anything related. It is perfect for those times that you know you were taught something, but you don’t remember the answer.

5.  Summarizing Learning

The Tag feature promotes summarizing. After class is a great time to reread notes and add tags based on the big and small concepts addressed in class. Each tag added makes the notes easier to find when searching.

6.  Taking Notes

Many students are so focused on copying notes during class they forget to pay attention and learn. Students can avoid this by taking a snapshot of the notes the teacher creates directly in Evernote. Student can also type their notes directly into Evernote.

7.  Missing Papers

Help the student create a habbit of taking a snapshot of each paper and adding it to Evernote. This will alleviate missing papers and assignments.

8. Unload

Have you ever seen a student with a loaded down backpack? Just think, if you keep all your notes in one place, all of the notebooks will be elimiated! Textbooks can be left at school too! If you have an assignment for homework, take a few quick snapshots and leave the book in your locker.

9.  Personal Reminders

Students receive lunch codes, login information for different websites, locker combinations, etc. Help the student avoid forgetting a single one by imediately storing the important information in evernote.

10.  Cool Factor

All of their friends will want to do it…

Just think, if the student begins the process early on, they will be setting themselves up for a successful year.

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Angela Culley
Back to School – Keep Students Organized with Evernote
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