Summer 2015 is the perfect time for your child to prepare for taking the ACT or SAT college readiness exams. Contact Math Ninja today to enroll your child in our summer math program to ensure stronger test scores.

Who should participate?
Current high school sophmores and juniors.

What will my teen learn?
Each session will be designed to review/teach math concepts necessary for success on the ACT or SAT exam. In addition to math content, students will learn test taking and calculator strategies specific for each exam. Weekly instruction and assignments  will be focused on your child’s individual needs.

Why should my child attend?
Summer is the perfect time to strengthen your child’s math skills for college entrance exams without the stress of attending school and completing homework. In addition, many students like to take the ACT or SAT more than once to achieve a desired score. Early fall testing allows for additional study time before taking the test a second time.

Why should we focus on math preparation?
Although each exam assesses several subjects, many students need to study to achieve high math scores. Each college readiness exam will test your child’s knowledge of math concepts spanning middle and high school.  Many topics may not have been taught or reviewed for years. Although your child demonstrated they could do the math at the time, they may have forgotten many of the strategies.

How many sessions will it take?
The number of sessions depends on each child’s individual needs. On average, 8, 1-hour sessions can prepare students for success on the exam. Your child will be assessed throughout the course to determine any additional support they may need.

When are the sessions offered?
Sessions can begin as early as June 1 and can extend through the end of August. Flexible scheduling is available to avoid holidays and family vacations.  Openings are currently available. Contact us today to reserve your time slot.

Where will the sessions be held?
Sessions are offered both in person, online, or a combination of both.  Sessions are designed based on the needs of the student. In person sessions are located in your home or a public location such as the library or a neighborhood coffee shop. Online sessions are located anywhere your teen has access to a computer and the internet.

Contact us today to ask any additional questions you may have and to reserve your time slot. Summer session fills quickly so don’t delay!  

Angela Culley
Is Your Child a Sophmore or Junior in High School? Read This.
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