Are you looking for a great tutor? Don’t limit your search to in person tutoring. Many excellent tutors are now helping students via online tutoring.

Have you found yourself questioning the quality of online tutoring? It is important to know that all of the benefits you typically associate with in person tutoring are now available online.

  • You can both hear and see each other as you work together.
  • You can view each other’s work through screen sharing or an interactive workspace.
  • Instruction can be custom tailored to the student’s learning style.

Now you can have all of the benefits of in person tutoring from the comfort of your favorite chair!

Benefits of Online Tutoring

You can experience the same benefits through online tutoring and receive the additional advantages listed below:

Location, Location, Location

You have access to a great tutor no matter your location! Whether you want help while at home, a coffee shop, or at school you can receive help from a tutor wherever you are located.  All you need is access to a computer and the internet.

Tutor Quality

Don’t restrict your search to finding a tutor close to home. With online tutoring, you will have access to many more qualified tutors.  This is important since the quality of the tutor helps to determine the student’s success.


After school hours are packed with sports, extra-curricular activities, fixing dinner, and homework. Eliminate drive time to a tutoring appointment by using an online tutor.

Timely Feedback

Immediate feedback is important when learning new concepts.  With an online tutor you can ask questions while doing homework and studying for a quiz/test.  You no longer need to wait for help. You have your own personalized help available online.

Last Minute Requests

The benefits of online tutoring includes being able to contact the online tutor at any time of the day, even with short notice. This is especially useful for students who are studying for a test or have a few questions that need answered on a current assignment. You will be more likely to get a last minute tutoring appointment online than finding a person to meet you at the last minute.


There is something about a computer that can make everything seem much more exciting for students!  How many of us can say we spent the afternoon learning mathematics in our pajamas.

Preparation for the Future

Many schools and universities are now offering courses, diplomas and degrees through online coursework.  Working with a tutor online will provide the student experience with online learning.

If you are still left wondering if online tutoring is for you, give it a try! Basically, it all boils down to preference.  Tutoring can be extremely beneficial regardless of the platform.

Call (843-722-0612) or Email ( Math Ninja today to try online math tutoring for free. Each new client will receive a free 30 minute online tutoring session. Use this time to decide if online tutoring is right for you.

Angela Culley
Online Tutoring – Is it Right For You or Your Child?
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