Do you know a student that will be taking the new SAT? If you answer yes, encourage them to take advantage of the free SAT resources available through the College Board and Khan Academy. Before they take the test they should definitely do the following 3 things:

Take One Practice Test

The College Board designs the SAT and has 4 practice tests (Free SAT Resources) available on their website. Treat the test as if it were an actual test day. Schedule it on the calendar and complete the test in one sitting.  Use the tools you would use on test day (calculator and pencils) and use a timer for each section of the test. Make sure you use the answer sheet provided to simulate the actual testing experience.

This practice test experience will help your teen know what to expect on test day. There are 4 benefits from taking a practice test:

  1. You and your teen can use the score to determine whether or not you need additional preparation before taking the actual exam. Check the score requirements for colleges and universities your teen is interested in attending. If the score is adequate, great! If not, you will need to help them study to raise their score.
  2. Gain experience with the types of questions asked on the new SAT and how to enter responses on the answer sheet. Experience eliminates wasted time on test day trying to figure out how to fill in responses.
  3. Use their App to score the test. Us the score report to determine areas of strength and areas that need additional study.

Try Out Sample SAT Questions

Download the Daily Practice App

The Daily Practice for the New SAT App (Free SAT Resources) provides the following benefits:

  1. One daily test question for student practice
  2. Solutions and explanations for each practice question
  3. Provides data about questions such as difficulty level and comparison results with other students.
  4. Can be used to score the practice test

Review the Released Practice Test Items

The College Board has provided sample questions (Free SAT Resources) for each section of the SAT. Along with each question, they also provide solutions and explanations. Try out each question and use the solutions and explanations to improve your teen’s understanding.

Try out Khan Academy

Khan Academy is now offering free resources to help students prepare for the SAT. Have your child create an account and use the SAT practice to help study for the test. Even better, if your teen took the PSAT, you can link your PSAT results to Khan Academy (Free SAT Resources)and it will suggest specific areas that need practice based the test results.

Of course, if your teen needs additional help, give us a call 843-732-0612 or shoot us an email . I can create a study plan for your teen and offers tutoring sessions to improve their math score.


Angela Culley
Free SAT Resources for Your Teen
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One thought on “Free SAT Resources for Your Teen

  • September 11, 2019 at 7:22 am

    I always do practice tests if possible. I also recommend it to others. It may improove your results by giving a way to understand test construction.

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