MRI - Informative and Free Math Assessment
Have you ever wondered if your child is prepared for middle school math?

Look no further. Let Math Ninja assess your child using the Math Reasoning Inventory developed by Marilyn Burns and her team of experienced teachers. This set of assessments is designed to help teachers find out what “students really understand about math.” Fortunately, this free math assessment is an excellent source of  information about students’ understandings and is accessible by both teachers and tutors.

Unlike your common multiple choice test, the Math Reasoning Inventory includes one-on-one interviews and written computation sections.

The goal of these free math assessments is to uncover student

  1. misconceptions,
  2. conceptual understandings,
  3. number sense,
  4. reasoning strategies, and
  5. computation skills.

Specifically, these free math assessments focus on concepts involving

  1. whole numbers,
  2. decimals, and
  3. fractions.

Math Ninja can assess your child to determine their preparedness for middle school math, provide you a report on your child’s performance, and  design a learning plan to improve your child’s understanding of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.

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Angela Culley
Math Reasoning Inventory – An Informative & Free Math Assessment
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