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Many students feel like their grades are arbitrarily chosen by their teacher. They believe they need to wait until the teacher tells them their grade to know how they are doing in class. Using a grade tracking tool helps students recognize how their performance on each individual assignment affects their class grade. More importantly, it helps students recognize when they need to ask for help.

                Grade Tracking Tool                                                             Grade Tracking Tool Example

4 Helpful Habbits

Use the Grade Tracking Tool and Tracking Tool Example to help your child keep track of their grades. Help your child complete the following 5 habbits each time they receive a graded assignment.

1. Keep all graded assignments together in the same place. I suggest a two pocket folder.

2. Keep the grade tracking tool with all graded assignments.

3. Record each graded assignment when it is returned. It is important to fill out the entire row of the grade tracking tool each time your child adds a new assignment.

4. Use the following questions to help your child reflect on their current Overall Percent.

Did it go up or down? Why?

What will I do differently next time to reach the grade I want?

Do I need to ask for help? If yes, ask the teacher for extra help or consider hiring a tutor.

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Angela Culley
Back to School – Grade Tracking Tool
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