We have classes that teach us many skills in school, but one of the most neglected, study skills, can have the most impact on our success. Students are often told as they are leaving class, “Don’t forget to study for your test!” Yet, they have not been taught how to study.

Resources for Study Skills

Resources for studying are bountiful on the internet, but how do you know where to start? Take a few minutes to assess your study skills using either of the two listed below:

Both can help you identify areas you can improve upon.

Once you identify study skills you would like to learn more about, review the resources provided on each site.

If our schools are not teaching these necessary skills, who is?  Additional resources are listed on our website.

Take a look and if you feel as if you or your child are spending a lot of time studying, but your grades aren’t improving contact us today to set up an appointment. 

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Angela Culley
Are Your Study Habits Leading to Scary Grades?
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