About Math Ninja, LLC

Math Ninja is a spunky, fun-loving, math tutoring business aimed at offering high-quality math instruction & resources for students, parents, & educators. The business is located in Mount Pleasant, SC, but we offer our services worldwide!

Our goal is to help our community make informed choices about math education. In addition to math tutoring, We provide thought provoking ideas for incorporating mathematical, real-life experiences into daily life.

About Tutoring

Client Testimonial

Since Math Ninja’s opening in the fall of 2013, we have been helping students find success in math. If you are interested in learning more about our success stories, read over our clients’ testimonials.

We offer both in person and online tutoring sessions. If you are interested in additional information, check out our in person or online tutoring pages.

About Blogging

Although I had never considered blogging before creating Math Ninja, LLC, it has definitely been a great venue for sharing ideas with others and establishing connections with fellow bloggers, tutors, teachers, students, and parents.

At Math Ninja, I blog about real life math experiences, strategies & activities for parents, students, & educators, as well as current issues in education.

Contact Angela Culley

Feel free to contact me any time! Visit the Math Ninja Contact page for our information. I’d love to chat about math, tutoring, or education!