Pinterest and EducationFirst and foremost, why did it take me so long to try Pinterest? At first glance, it appears to be a collection of pictures. Wow, was I wrong.  It is much more than boards filled with pinned pictures. Pinterest is a tool for learning anything you could possibly want to know. It is amazingly addictive and more importantly, it has helped me to make the following five connections between public education and Pinterest:

  1. Do you want someone to select the pin you have created?  Your picture should be enticing and describe what goodies are embedded within. The same holds true in education. Before starting a new concept with students you have to build excitement about what you are teaching. Create class openers that grab students’ attention and make them curious enough to want to keep learning.
  2. The best assessment is applying what you have learned.  No matter how many pins you explore and read, you eventually have to jump in and try it yourself.  The fun begins when you get off the sidelines and actually try if. Students learn more by doing.
  3. Success begets success.  I successfully used Pinterest to teach myself how to sew a curtain panel.  You would have thought I saved the planet from destruction. I was so proud! The sense of confidence that comes with a completed project gave me the desire to push on and try new projects that I believed I had no chance of completing only days earlier. Set students up for success and build their confidence so they are willing to try new ideas.
  4. It is okay to make mistakes!  As a matter of fact I have learned the most from the mistakes I made while trying to make a t-shirt.  I can promise you that I will not make those mistakes again and I also promise you will never see me in that t-shirt! Nothing forces you to learn a necessary skill like immediate feedback. Provide students immediate feedback as they practice new skills.
  5. KWL charts have nothing on Pinterest.  Could we use Pinterest to brainstorm what we know, want to know and have learned? Absolutely!  Pinterest can be edited and revised at any time.  Pins can be shared, move between boards, descriptions edited, and links revised based on real-time learning. Provide students opportunities to reflect on their own learning using Pinterest as a real-time KWL.  

Why are these connections between Pinterest and education so important?  If everyone is excited and addicted to learning new skills through Pinterest, shouldn’t we apply the principals from successful social networking to public education?

So what are you waiting for?  Jump in and learn something new.  It feels great!

Check Math Ninja out on Pinterest.

What has Pinterest taught you?

Angela Culley

5 Things Pinterest Taught Me About Education
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